Meet Our Team

We’re passionate about powering safe, informed, and efficient communities all over the world.


The modern community demands guidance and care. Our powerful software provides communities with peace of mind through integrated security solutions, instant access to a streamlined community resource hub, and management tasks simplified in one place. We’re driven to succeed with an incredible team and strong leadership.

Our Leadership Team

Jamie Clymer

Chief Executive Officer

I love to connect the dots between employees, teams, products and customers in order to grow careers and produce significant shareholder value. We’re at the FRONTSTEPS of an amazing journey in doing just that!

Catherine O'brien

Chief Financial Officer

I enjoying digging in with the organization to solve problems and setting the company up for strong financial performance. I believe that it’s not what you do, but how you do it that defines success.

John Hess

Chief Technology Officer

My passion is to build amazing teams that deliver exceptional products to my customers. Exceptional products don’t just perform a job for the customer, they do it with elegance and simplicity. I continually strive for delighted customers!

Deborah Cooper

VP of Operations & People

At FRONTSTEPS, I’m committed to building an organization with a great culture, where people are energized to come to work every day to develop and grow, while delivering solutions that make communities better places to live.

Judy Jensen

VP of Product

I believe that the best products are built when you design them around the customer. Everyday I strive to bring the latest technology to our customers by building solutions that simplify their lives.

Matt Dewolf

VP of Payments & Strategic Partnerships

I’m an entrepreneurial product management and strategy leader who obsesses about competitive differentiation. At FRONTSTEPS, I’m excited to transform our market and create world class products that are powered by emerging technologies.

Ken Wilson

President Caliber Software

I am an operator who believes good technology can only be great if there is equal dedication to providing outstanding customer service, quality training and implementation services. I want long term, happy relationships with our customers.

Our Core Values

Develop our People

Managers and employees work together to focus on individual development, setting high standards and stretch goals for personal and team accomplishment.

Take Care of the Customer at All Times

Understand and anticipate the needs of both internal and external customers, going above and beyond to create value and a positive experience.

Move with Purpose and Urgency

Proactively identify issues and drive them to closure, while managing multiple priorities. Deliver on commitments, effectively dealing with ambiguity and unexpected situations along the way.

Be Open, Honest and Transparent

Engage with people in an honest and forthright manner, listening to understand. Deliver tough messages with respect, and practice ethical behavior in alignment with company values.

Innovate and Fail Forward

Take calculated risks and tackle problems with an open mind, seeing challenges as opportunities for improvement. Take responsibility for mistakes and apply lessons learned going forward.

Be Courageous

Do what’s right, not what’s expedient or easy. Work and lead by example, owning company goals, outcomes, and one another’s success.