Our Core Values

Professor Xavier
Develop Our People
Professor Xavier represents this core value because of his pursuit to train and teach mutants how to use their powers, whether they are a member of the X-Men or attend the School for Gifted Youngsters.
Captain America
Take care of the customer at
all times
Captain America represents this core value by always doing what he believes is right for greater good. He prefers to use his shield over every other weapon, commonly using it to protect those around him.
Black Widow
Move with Urgency and Purpose
The Black Widow represents this core value because of her ability to quickly process everything going on around her and taking action quickly. She uses her intelligence to get those around her to jump into action.
Wonder Woman
Be open, Honest, and transparent
Wonder Woman grew up with the Amazon and learned to take people at their word and to be very direct and honest. Also Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth has the ability to pull the truth out of anyone it has physical contact with it.
Dr. Strange
Innovate and
Fail Forward
Dr. Strange was a successful surgeon and after having an accident that damaged his hands, he searched for someone to help him repair them. Instead of staying a surgeon, Strange goes on to reinvent himself as one of the earth's strongest heroes with the help of the Ancient One.
Be Courageous
Batman's only super power is his incredible wealth. Going into battle with villains and other heroes who are indestructible, Batman never hesitates even though he is one of the most fragile heroes out there.

Current Core Value Winners


Develop Our People

Juli genuinely has an open door policy and makes her self available as much as possible when needed. She has helped in navigating through simple and complex staff questions. She also does a stellar job at continuing to create opportunities to develop the staff across the organization overall.


Take Care of the Customer at All Times

Jeremy found a customer that was unhappy with Wordpress template implemented for his sites. Jeremy updated all sites to a new template in an effort to save the customer. Additionally, he added calendar plugins to the sites. This was a large scale effort for a $2000 MRR client.


Move with Purpose and Urgency

Erik has been a driving force in getting Hawiianna prepared to launch payment portals as well as migrations to FSC. His diligence in helping implement the AV Migration Tool is notable in regards to moving with purpose and urgency.


Be Open, Honest, and Transparent

His work on Wordpress templates for our customers ensures we are able to deliver a clean and customized website and satisfy their requests. Antonio is always happy to help us with our customer requests and takes the time to explain to us how and why we are fixing it the way we are.


Innovate and Fail Forward

Taylor is very respectful and professional when communicating with these customers, doing what he can to keep them, but also not pushing them if he can tell they really are ready to go. Not everyone could do his job, but he does it very well.


Be Courageous

Amy did an exceptional job at delivering Business reviews for multiple large clients earlier this week. The important part of this is that she was on the road with Chris Baker for 3 FULL DAYS to conduct these client meetings and that takes some serious courage!! Great job FRONTstepping up!


Carlsbad Core Values

AJ brought in an agreement worth $250K this year. He did not just sign and forget this client. He has continued to assist this client with billing concerns and set up standing meetings with all their regions.