Is your community management software taking up more of your time rather than saving it? Do you spend hours switching back and forth between numerous tools to get your job done?

Software should simplify your life, not complicate it. The New Year will be here before we know it, but there’s still time to research and select a new software provider so you can start 2019 fresh. If you’re facing any of the following issues, it’s a good sign you might be due for an upgrade.

1). You’re managing far too many tools

It’s not uncommon for property management companies to use five or six different tools to manage their communities. That’s too many. Managing numerous tools creates the following inefficiencies:

  • Significant time spent switching back and forth between tools
  • The potential for forgotten passwords, and having to login/logout multiple times per day
  • Duplicating work when tools don’t integrate with one another
  • Headaches from managing multiple directories

Save time, and your team’s sanity, by implementing an all-in-one community management tools that includes resident communication, resident self-service, visitor management, credentialed access, in-app payments, accounting integrations, and more.

2). Your residents can’t serve themselves

Think of all the tasks residents reach out to your team for on a daily basis. Does your software allow residents to submit work orders, architectural change requests, visitor passes, and book amenities on their own? It should.

Taking these types of tasks digital will create efficiencies for your staff by reducing manual work and back and forth conversations with residents. Plus, it ensures these requests never fall through the cracks, as both residents and community managers can check the current status of any request in real-time.

3). You simply have a resident engagement tool

Several software providers promote themselves as a resident communication or engagement tool. To run a thriving community, you need a solution that does far more than allow you to keep in touch with residents. Concierge services, credentialed access, community security, resident payments, parking management, and visitor management capabilities are just a few of the features a comprehensive platform should provide. These capabilities are crucial as they’ll allow you to serve any type of community, large or small, enabling you to grow your portfolio.

There are several other tell-tale signs that you may be ready for a new solution. Get your copy of our free guide, 7 Signs it’s Time for a Software Upgrade, to discover if you’re in need of a new solution.

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