Over the last few months we’ve emphasized the importance on having a solid local SEO strategy for your property management company. From claiming and optimizing your Google My Business and Yelp listings to monitoring and responding to reviews, in this digital age, local SEO is a must for any marketing strategy. To wrap up the chapter on local SEO, we’re going to provide some additional tips that will help you expand your local presence over the competition.

1). Find additional local listings

Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook are some of the most prominent local listings, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of directory sites that can help improve your presence in the search results. Remember websites like Foursquare, Yellow Pages and MapQuest? While these sites might not receive the same traffic they once did, they still have a strong domain authority, meaning they will provide valuable links back to your website. Check out the 50 most important local business directories and start claiming and optimizing those additional listings.

2). Consider using a local citation platform

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it will take to implement a local SEO strategy? From claiming all of your listings to manually inputting the exact same information into each listing, this vital marketing tactic is not a quick one. Fortunately, there are several local citation platforms that make this process extremely easy. With these tools, you simply plug your business information into the tool, then it distributes that information to local listing directories throughout the web. Many of these tools also offer review monitoring dashboards that will alert you any time there’s a new review. Check out the list of citation tools here.

3). Start blogging

Google loves fresh content. Google also loves relevant, unique content. So, a great way to make Google happy and get some extra local love is by blogging about topics that are specific to your city. Are there new local laws communities need to be aware of? Blog about it. Do you host fun events around town for current and prospective customers? Blog about it. Do you have partnerships with local contractors and vendors that prospective communities would benefit from? Blog about it! Every time you write a local post, be sure to share it as a Google Post on your Google My Business listing.

Looking for additional ways to improve your community? Get your free copy of our whitepaper, Key Strategies to Promote an Informed and Efficient Community.

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