Smart apartment complexes understand the importance of highlighting the convenience they offer residents in their marketing efforts. From sharing how various amenities make residents’ lives easier to promoting self-service capabilities offered through smartphone apps, convenient living is a great way to differentiate from the competition.

Has your complex considered adding smart locks to help residents conveniently access their home? Smart locks are an excellent way to improve livability in your community, as well as save money in maintenance calls. Here are four benefits of installing smart locks.

1). Reduction in Lockouts

How many calls does your manager receive on a weekly basis regarding situations where residents have lost or forgotten their key? It’s fair to bet this is a common call that’s both inconvenient for your team, as well as the resident. Smart locks help reduce the number of calls as residents no longer need to keep track of a key to get into their unit. This increases resident satisfaction as they’ll never have to wait around to get into their home.

2). Save Money

By reducing lockouts, your team will save money as well. No longer will you have to pay maintenance folks overtime to help residents get into their unit afterhours. In fact, you might even be able to cut the overall hours of your maintenance team if this is what a large majority of calls are related to. Over time, i.e. after you’ve offset the initial cost of the device, you’ll also save on manhours manning the phone and managing keys, as well as key production.

3). Differentiate Your Community

As mentioned above, smart locks and other unique amenities can and should be used in your marketing efforts to persuade prospective residents to choose your building over others in the area. Technology, convenience, and safety are points that can be highlighted when promoting smart locks to potential residents. However, it’s important to note that smart technology is gaining steam with each year, so while this can be a differentiating feature right now, it won’t always be as smart lock technology moves from luxury towards necessity.

4). Access While Residents are Away

With the increase in online shopping and food delivery services, offering smart locks is a great way to ensure residents receive their shipments on-time. By providing special access codes to delivery services, this ensures packages are always delivered to their rightful owner. This technology is great too for dog walkers, cleaning services, and other vendors who need access to a resident’s unit while they’re at work or on vacation.  

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