How long does it take to get visitors and vendors into your community? Does it take a matter of seconds, or several minutes to process and get them on their way? Whether you’re still using pen and paper, or you’ve implemented software, if it takes your team a long time to process each and every guest, you’re using the wrong system. Here are 4 things your visitor management system must do.

Offer Convenient Integrations

You shouldn’t have to rip and replace hardware to use a better software system. Find a solution that integrates with the industry’s leading hardware providers, like Kantech, HID, telephone entry systems, and more. It’s best to look for a solution that has the ability to properly integrate vital software providers as well, such as Kantech’s credentialed access tool, EntraPass.

Create Customizable Passes

If you’re spending money on a new system, make sure it offers modern, customizable passes that will not only keep your community secure, but make it look more professional as well. Find a solution that allows you to send passes ahead of time via email or text message, to avoid time-consuming printing on the spot. When setting up passes, you must be able to control where and when people can enter the community.

Enable Resident Self-Service

The best way to save your team’s time and improve the speed of visitor processing is by giving your residents more control. Find a solution that lets residents create guest passes on their own. With digital pass delivery, visitors can arrive, pass in hand, ready to be scanned.

House Vital Data

When selecting new software, make sure it provides detailed reporting on all activity within the community, such as entry reports. These reports provide an extra level of security by offering key forensic data that can be used to aid investigations when incidents occur. To help ensure those who don’t belong in the community are kept out, find a solution that offers digital watchlists with names and photos of restricted guests.

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