There is a strong movement among consumers to go green. From ditching plastic straws to seeking out environmentally conscious companies, consumers are focusing more and more on how their everyday actions and purchase decisions can have a bigger impact on helping the planet. Did you know?

  • Half of digital consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions
  • Coined as the “Green Generation”, 61% of Millennials claim they would pay more for eco-friendly products and services
  • The majority of Gen Z (16 to 21-year-olds) and Gen X (36 to 54-year-olds) also claim they’d pay more for eco-friendly companies

With these states, there’s a good chance the vast majority of your residents are interested in finding ways they can help the environment and cut down on waste on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to share with residents how your community management and security platform, FRONTSTEPS, helps make this possible. Here are four ways FRONTSTEPS can help your community and property management company go green.

1). Reduce Coupon Books

The process of distributing paper coupon books and collecting and processing paper checks is not only time-consuming, it’s huge waste of paper. If your property management company manages an average of 50 properties, with each property averaging 200 residents, that’s would require you to purchase 10,000 paper coupon books each year. Encourage residents to take the convenient and environmentally friendly route by paying all dues and fees through our smartphone or on their computer.

2). Digital Document Storage

Stop printing and distributing important documents for residents and encourage them to access these items online. With our digital document library, you can save any printable piece online for easy resident access. What about in cases when only certain residents need access to a document? No worries, we make it easy to limit access with password-protection features.

3). Newsletters, Bulletins, and Text

Flyers and mailers are so last year. Take community communication green by avoiding the printers and communicating digitally. From digital bulletins and calendars to customized email templates and eForms, we make it easy to ditch paper while still keeping residents in the loop. We also offer mass texting capabilities, which help get urgent messages to residents in a matter of seconds.

4). Digital Visitor Passes

Another traditional paper heavy process is printing and distributing visitor passes to guests and vendors entering the community. This process can be eliminated with our digital pass creation. Have residents or your community staff setup and email visitors passes with ease, eliminating the need to print hundreds, or even thousands of passes each year.

Paper waste is a huge inefficiency for property management companies. Interested in learning about other inefficiencies that are holding these companies back? Download our free infographic.

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