The holiday season is upon us. While your residents are busy making plans, meals, and booking trips, safety might not be top of mind. Take the time to remind residents of what they can do to keep the community and their homes safe and secure during the holidays in your newsletter, emails, or community bulletin.

1). Play it safe on social

While it’s common for people to check-in at the airport and post pictures on vacations, it can put them at risk. Even if with the highest level of security on social accounts, you still can’t be sure of exactly who on the web will see that you're not home. Emphasize that you’re not telling residents to avoid sharing their holiday experiences online, rather wait to post pictures until returning home and avoid social activities that highlight you being out of town.

2). Schedule shoveling services

A snowy sidewalk, long after snow has fallen, is an obvious clue that someone’s out of town. Remind residents the importance of finding someone to shovel when they’re out of town to help keep their belongings, as well as other residents out walking in the community, safe. This is a great opportunity for property management companies to create relationships with reliable shoveling companies to recommend to residents.

3). Ask a trusted neighbor to collect mail

Similar to a snowy sidewalk, a full mailbox and packages piling up on the front porch are obvious signs that no one's home. Encourage residents to ask neighbors they’re close with to grab their mail while they’re gone, and pickup any packages left on the front porch.

4). Safety-first lighting

Plugging in outdoor Christmas lights can be a tricky task. Remind residents to never run external lights through windows. A slightly cracked window makes it easy for burglars to pry open. Encourage residents who are planning to leave town to utilize timers for their lights, making it appear that they’re home if when they’re not.

5). Remind residents of guest procedures

During this season, there will be an uptick in guests visiting the neighborhood. Be sure to remind residents about policies concerning guests and visitors. Highlight the process around properly securing visitor passes. Send out reminders about parking and community access levels. Plus, remind residents to remain vigilant. Even though there will be an increase in unknown guests, residents still should be encouraged to report suspicious behavior or characters.

For additional tips on improving the safety in your community, get your free copy of our 7-Step Checklist for Securing Your Community today!

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