Locked doors. Piercing alarms. Video cameras. Big, scary, teeth-baring dogs. These are just a few of the ways we try and secure our homes and belongings. And yet, packages and other deliveries are left on our front stoops, out in the open, just asking to be stolen. And they are.

Over 25 million Americans have been the victim of a package robbery. (Can we all agree that porch pirates are the worst!) It’s too bad, right? Who doesn’t love coming home to a parcel on the front porch? I bet a 19-year old kid named Jim Casey would be bummed. He’s the guy who founded UPS back in 1907.

Help deter these miscreants with these steps:

1) Ask local police officers to speak to residents about current crime statistics and specifically, what they are doing to prevent crime, including bait and decoy packages.

2) Share information about smart home tech like Ring cameras – and share video of any suspicious activity.

3) Ask if a resident who is home might be willing to accept a package for a neighbor, every once in a while. That way, if someone has a valuable delivery they won’t have to worry about it sitting outside all day.

4) Encourage residents to consider secured boxes or specialty bags that can be locked.  

5) Consider more formal neighborhood security like gates or attendants.

And if the unfortunate occurs, send alerts to residents ASAP. It’s possible a resident was home around the time of the theft and noticed a suspicious car or perhaps their camera captured video of the theft. Staying engaged with your residents in this way helps prove your value as a PMC or HOA.

I don’t recommend you do what one California family did after being targeted by porch pirates one too many times. I won’t go into details, but it involved the detritus from a dog’s birthday party, a fake package, and a thief. P-U!

Interested in learning more about how to keep your community safe? Download our checklist, 7 Tips to Properly Secure Your Community.
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