Many HOAs host cookouts or carnivals to bring families together and encourage a sense of community. But there are plenty of other events that can attract different types of homeowners and get them interacting.  

 Here’s a look at six other event ideas.  

  1. Outdoor movie nights. Summer cookouts and carnivals are popular, but how about a movie night? HOA Leader cautions that you may need to pay a licensing fee to screen the movie, but with popcorn and maybe some other food vendors, this can be a popular family-friendly event if you have the right space.
  2. Book clubs. Neighborhood book clubs could appeal to those with or without children and gather people together around a shared interest in books. Little Free Libraries has suggestions on how to create an Action Book Club in your neighborhood discussing timely topics and engaging in community service projects together, but members could follow a simpler book club if they prefer. 

  3. Community garage sales. Some HOAs plan annual community garage sales instead of letting residents plan their own garage sales throughout the spring and summer months. Instead of a community garage sale, your HOA could organize a book swap, toy swap or clothing swap for residents so that outgrown clothes, books or toys can get recirculated in the community.

  4. Nature walks. If your community has walking or hiking paths, organized nature walks could be a good way to get families or adults out enjoying the fresh air together. This could be combined with community clean-up efforts or the walks could be focused on camaraderie and fitness. 

  5. Ice cream socials. Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? This idea tends to be a crowd-pleaser, but in case you have some vegans or people who are lactose-intolerant, be sure to provide popsicles and other non-dairy treats too.

  6. Cook-offs. Chili cook-offs, pie bake-offs or other friendly competitions can be held outside during the summer (add some relay races or outdoor games to keep kids entertained too). Or if you have a clubhouse or other indoor space, this could be a fun wintertime activity. 

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