We’re on a mission to transform the way property management companies do business. We’re focused on helping these businesses transition from paper and manual processes to the digital age and automations. We’re driven to help these businesses create life-changing efficiencies, enabling them to focus their efforts on building stronger relationships with their customers and residents, growing their portfolios, and allowing their team to do more fulfilling work. This can only happen when you take the time to learn how to properly use FRONTSTEPS, ensuring you’re utilizing the endless capabilities in our full suite. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Be sure your team is taking advantage of the following resources to get the most out of FRONTSTEPS.

1). Weekly Training Webinars

Whether you’ve hired a new team member, need a software refresher, or are looking to start utilizing more of the features within FRONTSTEPS, we have convenient weekly training sessions for you! Every week we offer two training webinars: one for managers and one for admins. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Admin Training: 10 am MST on Wednesdays. This training explains how to add managers to communities and general settings for your community sites. It is designed for your highest-level users. This training takes around 30 minutes.
  • Manager Training: 10 am MST on Thursdays. This training covers major features within the FRONTSTEPS platform. It is designed for those who will be managing FRONTSTEPS. This training takes closer to an hour.

To view the full calendar and register for the webinars, please visit our online Training Schedule.

2). Business Best Practice Webinars

On the third Thursday of every month, our team hosts a webinar to share various best practices for property management companies. The topics change month-to-month, and range from how to foster community engagement to utilizing technology to simplify voting within your communities. In our next webinar, our own Matt DeWolf will provide helpful tips to get more out of your banking relationships. If you’re not currently receiving invites to our webinars, please email community@frontsteps.com.

Insider tip: we always share a recap of each webinar that includes a recorded version to our blog for those who missed it.

3). Blog

Speaking of our blog, that’s another excellent resource that we highly recommend bookmarking! Each week we share three posts covering marketing tips, business best practices, product release notes, and much more.

4). Social Networks

You’re busy, and sometimes it’s hard to remember to check a blog each week for new content. That’s why we recommend following us on social! We share each and every blog post on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, as well as other helpful content for your business. Plus, if you want to get to know our team a little better, we highly recommend following our brand-new Instagram account.

5). Digital Knowledge Base

Did you know that we have a digital library chock-full of how-to articles for FRONTSTEPS? Be sure to bookmark our digital knowledge base for quick instructions on how to use various features within FRONTSTEPS.

Insider tip: You can also submit support tickets within the knowledge base.

6). Productboard

There’s one more helpful resource all of our customers need to bookmark: the FRONTSTEPS Productboard. This website allows customers to vote on new features, submit ideas for new features, and view our upcoming product roadmap. Be part of our development team and submit your ideas for product enhancement today!

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