Here in Denver, the new state bird is the crane. In fact, according to the Denver Post, between 2000 and 2016, $12 billion worth of new apartments popped up. Wow. One of our hipster employees lives in an uber hipster apartment with a pool that was formerly a shipping container, a yoga room, and a parking garage with plenty of charging stations and special parking spots for electric vehicles. Denver’s explosive growth also means that apartments and condos that come with ample parking are valuable. 

That means PMCs and HOAs need to treat their parking areas with kid gloves.

1) Be clear about the rules and enforce them. Post the rules on your website, in elevators, and in lease agreements so residents are well-aware of the regulations governing the parking do’s and don’ts. Include details about where residents cannot park, where they can park, what happens if someone violates the rules, towing, abandoned vehicles, off-road and recreational vehicles. 

2) Make it easy for owners to get guests in the garage or into a visitor parking spot. Software that residents can use to enter in guest information and produce a pass or QR code via text is ideal. Or having a telephone entry system that allows owners to share a guest code is also a slick way to get folks in and out.  

3) Monitor the area. Make it a habit to walk around and check out parking areas. Look for cracked pavement, loose signs, faded painting, non-functioning lights, weeds or other unsightly blemishes and take care of them quickly. Your HOA or PMC software should have a function that allows owners to submit work orders for any issues they come across. 

4) Don't forget about signage. If you have assigned spots or other areas that require signs, make sure they are well-placed, and well-lit so all drivers can see them easily.  If the rules are complicated, use plain language. 

5) Safety: Lighting and security are especially important so be sure and stay on top of any new products that enhance your parking areas. 

6) Make room for bikes! Offering bike locks or a bike barn for your residents is standard practice. Keep the area clean and secure. 

7) Funkify it! Have an artist in your midst. MURAL anyone? A cool scene depicting your community or just a landscape will add fun and color to an otherwise drab, concrete jungle.

FRONTSTEPS software for condos and high-rises offers many of these features and more so that managing your condo high-rise is streamlined and productive. Check out our most recent webinar, Condo High-Rise Management Essentials, for details on how our platform can help you manage your condo parking as well as packaging tracking, visitor management, and more.

Does your community management software simplify the parking situation in your community? If not, it might be time to find a new solution. Download our free guide to learn more!

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