It’s almost the beginning of the month and payments for dues and fees are starting to trickle in. Are your residents still mailing in paper checks? Yikes. We want to help you get more residents to take advantage of electronic payments!  

Here are 7 ideas!

Flyers…flyers…and more flyers. Flyers in the gym, mailboxes, on packages, elevator doors, and in the breezeways and hallways!

Hold a Drawing! When a person signs up for electronic payments, enter their name in a monthly drawing for a special gift like an Amazon gift card, car wash gift card, or spa goodies!

Host a sign-up party. Show people how easy it is to sign up at a Pool party, ice cream social, or pizza party. You can then use that time to show people how to use the app, too.

Contest: Everyone loves a good competition. Try pitting floors against one another or even units vs. odds. The crew that gets the most sign ups wins a party! 

Referral: Get in touch with the folks who are using the online payments platform and offer a referral incentive. 

Reminder: Add a note about how to sign up for e-payments to all outgoing emails, auto-replies, and texts. 

Newsletters: Send e-newsletters and remind residents that when more people sign up for electronic payments, the community will spend less on processing paper checks. 

Get creative and you’ll find that people will respond. And keep thinking about how much time and money you'll save by increasing online payment adoption.

Did you know accepting digital payments can significantly reduce your banking costs? Download our free whitepaper, What Every Property Management Company Needs to Know About Free Checking to learn more!

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