To wrap up our back to school series, we’re sharing important security tips for your community. With the influx in visitors during the school season, it’s important that you have the proper security measures in place to keep students, and all residents for that matter, safe.

Utilize Intuitive Visitor Management Software

If you live in a gated community, guarded or not, it’s critical that you have visitor management software that’s easy-to-use for both residents and staff. Knowing that students will likely have after school playdates, sleepovers, and birthday parties, it’s important that the software makes it easy for residents to setup visitor passes. Without this functionality, wait times at the gate will increase significantly and paper and pen tracking just doesn’t cut it. This is a good time to send out reminders on how to setup visitor passes to ensure all residents are using the convenient software to its full potential.

Update the Watchlist

Many security software providers offer watchlists as added protection to ensure those who shouldn’t get into the community can’t. Remind residents of this feature and encourage them to keep it updated.

Have the Ability to Send Mass Text Messages

Having the ability to immediately alert residents when something arises in the neighborhood is very important. Mass texting is the quickest and easiest way to get important messages in front of your residents in a manner you can almost guarantee they’ll see. Whether it’s alerting residents of a suspicious character or even a loose animal, having mass texting capabilities is an important tool to help add both transparency and peace of mind to your community.

Encourage Neighbors to Remain Vigilant

You have the proper hardware in place, as well as technology to keep everyone safe, so what else can you do to create a strong sense of safety in your community? Encourage residents to keep an eye out and report any suspicious behavior. It’s important that you ask residents to always report suspicious behavior directly to your team, rather than posting about it on social media sites. Posting rather than reporting can cause unnecessary hysteria as well as create rumors. Instead, encourage residents to report anything suspicious directly to your team and let them know that you’ll work to address the situation and remain transparent with the community when issues do arise.

Looking for additional ways to keep your community safe and secure? Download our free checklist!

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