It’s been estimated that 3.4 billion dollars in property losses occurred in the year 2018. It is even more frightening that 63% of burglary victims say their neighborhood is “safe” and/or “suburban”. Even if you think your community is safe, unexpected things do occur. In these situations, it’s beneficial to have a personal security system in place.

Some residents might ask…

Well, getting your own personal system can be beneficial for numerous reasons. Providing some of this information to your residents can be helpful to your entire community.

1.    The resident’s system will run parallel to the community’s security. Odds are the community might have a camera on the street and shared spaces but not of the resident’s home specifically. If the resident has a system with cameras around their home, and inside their home, this will enable them to catch footage that wouldn’t be accessible with just a few community cameras.

2.    Many of these systems allow for remote access. Residents will be able to check in despite their location. Giving them piece of mind and allowing them to control features such as shutting the garage or turning off the heat.

3.    Residents also might be able to get a reduction on your home insurance. If they can show their carrier that they have a system, residents could see a 20% reduction to their premium.

Keeping our families and belongings safe is a top priority. If residents are searching for a system, they shouldn’t assume that top name brands will do the job…

Here are theTop 4 Home Security Systems in 2020!

1.    Frontpoint

Rating: 4.8

Review: “Offers great customer service and the best DIY installation” 

2.    Vivint

Rating: 4.6

Review: “Provides state-of-the-art home security”

3.    Simpli Safe

Rating: 4.3

Review: “Does home security on its own. No salespeople, or long contracts”

4.    ADT

Rating: 3.9

Review: “Has more monitoring centers and more experience than any other home security company”

Residents should also determine if they would like a professional monitoring system, or a self-monitoring system. By utilizing a professional monitoring system resident will have trained professionals keeping an eye on their home 24/7. These systems contact you immediately if an alarm is triggered. With a self-monitored system, residents and other members of their home can check in to make sure everything is okay!

When searching for home security system, one question people will ask is…

Thinking about that $40 a month can feel like a lot coming out of your pocket. However, when residents factor in emotional and financial costs of break-ins a security system is worth it.

Hopefully, looking at this feed back can help persuade residents when deciding what security system is best for their family. Again, the cost might look intimidating at a first glance but the peace of mind that these systems can offer families is priceless.