Recently our friends at Community Associations Institute published a guide for leaders within the community association space. This guide is split up into ten different sections covering information from association bylaws, federal, state, local laws, shared characteristics of community associations, and more! Serving communities is a task that can often get overlooked. However, this guide spells out essential duties and purposes behind every community management team.                                          

According to CAI, “Community Association Living: An Essential Guide for Homeowner Leaders, a newly published resource from CAI, will help board members and residents understand the business of homeowners associations, condominiums, or housing cooperatives and how involvement is crucial to developing and maintaining a supportive society.” 

Every community is dealing with various obstacles and challenges but has a collective ground! This guide was created to share these similar characteristics every association strives to embody. Within the guide, CAI discusses; 

  • Homeowner Rights
  • Elected Leaders  
  • Services and Amenities for Homeowners
  • Creating a Community with Active Participation
  • Homeowner Involvement
  • Community Financial Health
  • And more! 

CAI publishes great resources and blogs regularly to keep individuals informed and on top of everything occurring in community management space. To learn more about CAI and to gain access to this community guide, visit their website today!

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