Scott Wiener, a California state senator has introduced legislation that would require the installation of solar power on new residential and commercial buildings throughout California. 

Under existing California state law, all new residential and commercial buildings up to 10 stories tall must have 15% of their roof area be solar ready, meaning unshaded and free of obtrusions. The proposed new legislation would require that solar be installed on the 15% of solar-ready roof area. 

"Fighting climate change and building a sustainable future require us to take immediate action to put in place real clean energy solutions," says Wiener. "Our environment and our future generations need us to act now, especially as a wave of climate change deniers invade Washington as part of the new presidential administration. Climate change is real, and we must reverse course from the polluting energy practices that got us here, not double down on dirty power. California can and will remain the national leader in building a clean energy future, and solar power is critical in moving us down that path." 

In a press release, Wiener points out that this legislation would make California the very first state in the U.S. to require solar to be installed on new construction projects.

This legislation could mean huge changes for builders. Let us know if you have any questions on how this will impact your business. 

Offering solar energy is a great way to improve resident experience throughout your community. For additional ways to improve resident experience, download our free guide.

Source: https://www.bdcnetwork.com/calif-legislator-proposes-statewide-solar-mandate-new-buildings

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