As mentioned last week, every month we host two webinars. These range in topic from new feature demos to business best practice tips for community association management companies. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new series this week titled, CEO Town Hall.

What’s the CEO Town Hall series?

Our leaders here at FRONTSTEPS have great insight into the industry, as well as vast knowledge around running a successful business. We decided to tap into this knowledge by having them share their tips, insights, and predictions with all of you in this new series! FRONTSTEPS CEO, Jamie Clymer, and Caliber President, Ken Wilson, will host two webinars a quarter, starting this week.

FRONTSTEPS CEO, Jamie Clymer, and Caliber President, Ken Wilon

What will the first CEO Town Hall series cover?

Both leaders believe in the importance of open APIs, so we figured it would be helpful to have them share why this is beneficial, as well as their plans for both FRONTSTEPS and Caliber’s APIs moving forward. We’ve gotten a lot of questions since the acquisition of Caliber around whether or not the API will remain open, so we want to be open and transparent by addressing those concerns.

How do I register?

Visit our webinar registration page here. The webinar will occur at 9:30 am MST, 8:30 am PST, Thursday, September 19. We recommend registering even if you can’t attend live. By registering, you’ll automatically receive an email of the recorded webinar on Friday.

I have questions about the API, will I be able to ask them?

Yes! We encourage audience participation on these webinars. We have a chat feature available during the webinar, so whenever you have a question, please ask away! There’s a good chance another attendee has a similar, if not the same, question.

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