We pride ourselves in creating and distributing content aimed at helping community management companies thrive. If you’re here, you clearly know about our blog, but are you aware that we host two webinars every month? If you’ve missed our previous webinars, they’re available to view online here. Looking to catch up on our webinars? We recommend you start with three of the most popular webinars from the past year.


We receive valuable feedback from our customers on a daily basis. We’ve always used this feedback to make improvements to our existing platform, as well as to determine which features we should build out next. To encourage even more feedback from our customers and to help them better understand how valuable this feedback is, we launched a campaign called, #YouAskedWeListened earlier in the year. This is the best way to give transparency into what we’re hearing and how we’re adapting based on this feedback. Our product specialists hosted a webinar highlighting this campaign and how the feedback has already been used to make several important enhancements to the platform.

What’s Resident Engagement?

If you follow our blog or have been on a call with one of our support, product, or software specialists, you’ve likely heard the term “resident engagement” thrown around. So what is resident engagement, and why is it important for community management companies? Our Support and Retention Specialist, Taylor Block, answers these questions and provides tips on how you can improve engagement throughout the communities you manage.

Community Security 101

By having the right tools in place, you can reduce the chances for opportunistic crime in the communities you manage. Our Account Executive of Security Management, Ryan Lozano, covers the basics of community security in his popular webinar. Ryan discusses the difference between credentialed access and visitor management, as well as stresses the importance of security as a preventative measure.

We always post our recorded webinars to our blog typically a day or two after they occur. If you’re interested in getting on our distribution list so you can hear about upcoming webinars and register for them live, simply email our team at community@frontsteps.com. Happy viewing!

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