Informed communities are happy communities. No one wants to miss important news, events, and other happenings because they weren’t in the loop. It’s incredibly important for businesses to provide excellent communication to keep their customers informed, and property management companies are no different. Communication is key, as:

  • One-third of adults say they are likely to spend more on products and services from a company that communicates with them and shares entertaining and engaging content with them via social media.
  • 62% of adults say that the communications they’ve had with a brand, through email, website, blog, or in person, have helped improve their overall opinion of the company.

No one wants to be the last to know about an event, or even worse, find out about it after it occurs. Whether it’s missing a big concert or simply the neighborhood block party, there’s nothing worse than finding out about something you would have loved to attend by seeing pictures and check-in’s on Facebook.

Keeping residents informed not only ensures that no one will miss out on important events, but it also shows the immense value you bring to the neighborhood. By staying front and center, residents will know exactly what your property management company does, never miss out on important news or fun events, and be more likely to stay loyal when they actually know what you’re doing.

For tips on how to keep your residents informed, download your copy of our free, Six-Step Guide to Providing an Exceptional Resident Experience.

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