Community Associations are essential to the functionality of the communities they serve, as well as the happiness of their residents. Growth amongst these associations has been increasing since the 1970s and is set to expand even more within the coming year. It is predicted that in the 2020 calendar year 2,500-3,000 new Community Associations will join the management space. Making the collective number of networks between 352,000 and 354,000. Competition between these companies is growing, and more than 70 million people living in the United States call a community association home.

With this growth, it's even more pressing to have a competitive advantage. The biggest differentiating factor between your management company and your competition is often not price, but with the service you provide. One key aspect of success is providing great customer service to attract and retain your residents.  

By providing excellent service to your residents you have the ability to outmatch the competition. Utilizing the proper technology can enable managers to provide exquisite services to their residents. Gaining tools that can improve time management and resident experience is one way you can distinguish yourself.

Finding a software system that can improve your day to day is imperative to the success of your community. In doing so, you allow your managers to spend more time building relationships with your residents. With the use of this technology, you can reduce errors in regard to payments and work orders while improving your overall communication with residents. These improvements are necessary when wanting to rise above other communities in the arena of customer service.