There is currently one name left on the hurricane list for 2020, and it’s only September. Hurricane researchers predicted that we’d have a very active hurricane season, but many individuals and communities weren’t expecting this. The season extends into November and many people are asking, how many more storms are possible?

Natural disasters bring hardships to communities around the world. They shake our reality and destroy our homes. With these storms presenting difficult times it’s essential for associations to communicate with homeowners. This includes updating any programs or extra hands that will be ready to aid in the clean-up efforts.

Within the CDC’s “Natural Disasters and Sever Weather” recommendations it’s important to;

-      Maintain Personal Safety

-      Separate Waste by Type

-      Familiarize Yourself with Local Resources

It’s also essential to wear the proper safety gear when cleaning up and rebuilding.

Important Safety Gear Includes;

-      Hard Hats

-      Googles

-      N95 Masks

-      Heavy Duty Work Gloves

-      Waterproof Boots

Rebuilding a community can seem like an enormous task. Remember that you’re not alone in this! Lean on neighbors, and help others when possible.

“A person has two hands. One for helping himself, and the other for helping others.”

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