When FRONTSTEPS hung out its shingle and the teams were being built out, a set of Core Values was established. The values aren't just for show but rather, the tenants (Develop our People, Take Care of the Customer at all Times, Move with Purpose and Urgency, Be Open, Honest, & Transparent, Innovate and Fail Forward, and Be Courageous) strongly influence everything we do to make this company amazing. Last night we honored some special FRONTSTEPPERS for just this.

Winners were nominated by their peers ... we are so honored to count these folks as teammates. Here are some nuggets from their nomination forms. BRAVO!

Development of our People: Shari Brown, Implementation Manager

"Shari creates a positive working environment and is very invested in her team. She puts a lot of effort in making everyone, including our remote team members, feel like they are part of our team."

Take Care of the Customer at All Times: Corey Wasley, Customer Support Representative

"Corey is the gold standard for customer service. He quickly assess client's needs and effectively communicates a solution all while maintaining a positive and friendly attitude. He's always empathetic and friendly!"

Take Care of the Customer at All Times: Carrie Forrester, Customer Support Representative

"Carrie is a superstar! She is constantly one of the top 3 performers for ticket completion and she always gets outstanding feed back from our customers. This raises the the bar for everyone customers and fellow team members."

Move with Purpose and Urgency: Tim Jorgensen, Tier 3 Tech Security

"Tim delivers on his word every day. In his department, we frequently have to think creatively in order to come up with a solution to a problem. He's detailed and resourceful and always keeps our company's vision in mind."

Move with Purpose and Urgency: Sarah McDonald, Senior Accountant 


Move with Purpose and Urgency: Juli Royster, People Operations Business

"Through a strong partnership, Juli and Sarah drove the implementation of a new payroll and HRIS product from start to finish. They proactively identified issues, set up and managed work flows and never missed a deadline. They also managed internal employees and vendors to ensure FRONTSTEPS was supported and all deadlines were met."

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent: Jeremiah Orlando

"Jeremiah is very passionate about making sure that our customers get the best experience possible and get the maximum value from our products. He pushes all of us from multiple departments to do the right thing and keep the customer at the center of our strategy."

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent: Andy Jessen, Sales Engineer

"Andy was instrumental in leading a major shift in how we treat the security business. Thanks to Andy's feedback, we recognized that there were larger opportunities and that we needed to shift strategies to pursue them and scale."

Innovate and Fail Forward: Abel De Luna, Production Specialist

"Abel has been an integral part of challenges including customer migrations, coding, and assisting internal and external customers. He has gone above and beyond building quick solutions for customers and stretches himself to test new ideas with an open mind."

Be Courageous: Blake Sherwood

"Blake has shown the courage to dive, full-force into these challenges without fear of failure and has always strived to not only solve them, not just to solve them in the quickest way possible, but to REALLY solve them."

The IMPACT Award: Doug Jenks, Corporate Controller  

The IMPACT award is special in that our clear winner, Doug, embodies all of our core values every day. He exhibits high-impact behaviors recognizing others, collaborating with other departments, and effectively communicating that have led to a renewed sense of success in the accounting department, a more energized team, and many solid cross-functional relationships. In short, the processes he's put in place have helped FRONTSTEPS scale.

He never says, "No, I can't." Instead, he tackles even the trickiest of problems with a measured mix of class and verve. On a personal level, Doug's a snappy dresser and has a wicked sense of humor. Doug, we tip our hats to you! CONGRATS!

*One outtake from the award ceremony!

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