There are numerous ways damaging and unexpected maintenance can occur. However, these three mistakes increase the likelihood of having to deal with these stressful situations.

A few points to keep in mind about these repairs is that Community Associations will always have unexpected maintenance and repairs. Dealing with these repairs might be expensive, but necessary and maintaining a minimum building code isn’t optional. Managers who respond quickly can improve resident satisfaction and performing regular inspections can save you thousands in repairs.

A few tips to remember…

1. When creating a budget, you should set aside 10-15% of the monthly assessments for maintenance and repairs.

2. Keeping your work orders and requests organized in a software system can ensure you’ll never lose any tasks. It will also keep you on track, o orders get taken care of quickly.

3. Networking with other property managers will be essential when looking to hire contractors. Simply ask who they have had success with in the past, and take those opinions into consideration when thinking about who your associations will be working with.

Taking care of requests in a timely manner will improve your profitability over time. Your customer satisfaction will increase, and when you take care of these concerns promptly it encourages the people within your community to take better care of the property!

Dealing with damages can be a major stressor for managers within a community. However, by being prepared and taking these necessary steps you can stay on top of these requests within your community.