Developing a security plan can seem like an enormous task for community leaders. We know safety is a top concern; people want their children to ride their bikes and play outside. While it is difficult and somewhat impossible to reduce all the risk within your community, there are many ways HOAs can create a plan and be proactive.

First, establish a safety committee! Create a group containing vigilant homeowners. This group can encourage other members within the community to pay attention to their surroundings and report any suspicious activity.  

Next, strengthen your relationship with the local police department. Reach out and be transparent with the police in your area. Inform them of issues or crime as it occurs.

Then, involve your residents and owners. Create a discussion board within the community portal to discuss concerns within your community. Having a reliable way to make important announcements and warnings has become essential in measuring a community's success.

In addition to thinking about these basics, communities should consider other tools such as access control. Security isn't just about physically being in a safe space, communication amongst associations has never been more important. No matter if a dog is on the loose, or if there are threats within the community there should be a designated space where communication between residents can occur. Leveraging technology to help with safety is a necessity in any HOA.

Curious if you're taking the proper steps in securing your community?