Detoxing is getting rid of and cleansing yourself of toxic or unhealthy substances. Some of us are all too familiar with food detoxes. But what about something that is harming your mental and physical state even more than food, your phone.  

A digital detox is focusing on real-life social interaction sand requires you to set boundaries and limits for yourself. Digital detoxes allow you to let go of the stress from constant connectivity. The average U.S. adult spends 11 hours a day connected to technology and some type of media. This constant connection causes stress, disrupts sleep patterns, and contributes a great deal to your mental health.

You should consider taking a digital detox if;

- You feel anxious or stressed - You're compelled to check your phone every few minutes - You're afraid you might miss something by not checking your phone - You have trouble concentrating

Some people think that a full digital detox requires abstinence from all devices. However, a detox can help you set boundaries and limits for yourself. Pick a time when you want to let go of all your devices! This time can then be used to focus on yourself and other interactions. Some ideas for times to put away your technology include;

1. During meals

2. Working on a project/hobby

3. Spending time with family/friends

4. Before going to sleep

You might not feel like eliminating technology from these areas will do much. However, research has suggested that limiting your usage to 30 minutes a day can improve loneliness and symptoms of depression.

50%of teens reported that they felt that they were addicted to their mobile devices. If you like the many others also struggle with this, a detox you can help gain control of this addiction.

Some people can give up digital devices fairly easily. Others, however, might need a little help! Here are some tips to help;

1.    Stay Busy!

2.    Remove all social media applications from your phone.

3.    Exercise, or hang out with friends to fill time.

4.    Be transparent, and let friends know.

5.    Write down your thoughts about your experience.

Completing a digital detox can be hard, but the benefits can be life-changing. Who knows, this detox could help you develop better habits long term! Start your digital detox today and take control.