Does your community have issues with residents not picking up after pets? DNA test might be the answer to help combat this.

40% of dog owners do not clean up after their pets, in turn this issue has been ranked one of the highest problems in the property management space. With this being such an issue, companies are wondering how can we resolve this? Well 80-year-old Tom Boyd has the answer, dog poop DNA testing.

Boyd brings in $7 billion dollars a year testing unscooped dog poop with a program called PooPrints. Basically, if you live in a community where this program is utilized participation is normally mandatory. The dog owner will first need to swab the inside of his/her pet’s cheek and then mail the sample to Biopet. The DNA sample is then entered into the Word Pet Registry. Normally this program costs about $40 to enter.

In the future if a manger finds unwanted dog poop on the ground the manager can take a sample and mail it to Biopet to be tested. Sending the sample will cost an addition $70, but this can then be included in the fine that is sent out once they identify the culprit.

Property Managers should see a decrease in the number of unwanted poops in the future, by utilizing this program. Some pet owners might ask, why are they going to all this trouble? But when it’s a health hazard and our community’s cleanliness is at risk it’s something to be considered.