Does your community have a ton of furry friends?  A social hour designed to get these pups moving might be fun for all! There are a few things you’ll want to prepare for and anticipate before the special day, so here’s what we recommend;

Invite the Neighborhood!

Make sure to market this event so all possible participants can attend. This includes having an announcement on your portal, scheduling the event within the calendar, mentioning it within the community newsletter, and sharing on your association’s social media platforms.

Pet Safety!

This event should take place where there is a considerable amount of space for the dogs to run. Think about where this should be, is there a specific area within your community this would work well?

Make sure you establish the rules before the day comes. You can list these requirements on the invitation and within your community portal. Remind homeowners of good pet practices like having a leash and making sure their dogs are up to date on all vaccinations. You also want to stress that each homeowner needs to be engaged throughout the entirety of the event and ready to step into correct and remove any unacceptable behavior.


You’ll want to have a few things handy the day of! Make sure to have a few water stations around the area. You can also provide bucket of toys for owners to use like a frisbee and tennis balls. This will constitute more activity, and keep the party moving.

Think about providing some “Doggy Goody Bags” for after the event. These bags can have treats, tennis balls, and marketing material within. This is a nice thank you gesture.

A dog social hour can allow community members to socialize from a healthy distance and allow pups to stay active during this time. Hopefully, your community will consider hosting an event like this in the future spring and summer months.

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