Over the next few days, FRONTSTEPS Connect customers will notice an exciting new tool in their account. eForms, also known as our form builder tool, is finally going live. eForms are an excellent way to collect feedback from your residents and they can act as an excellent sign up tool for events. Here’s how to get started with this new tool.

Determine which package you’re on

eForms are only available to FRONTSTEPS Connect customers. Connect is the advanced version of our community management platform that offers customized newsletters, free ACH payments, and several convenient resident self-service tools. If you’re not currently on Connect, but would like to know more about what this package can do for your community, reach out to our team at sales@frontsteps.com.

Watch our webinar

Earlier this year, we hosted a webinar walking customers through the beta version of this tool. While several things have improved since this video was made, it provides an excellent overview on how to get started using this tool. Watch the webinar here.

Accessing eForms

The eForms tool lives under the Community Communications dropdown in the left navigation. Once you click on the eForms link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can view published forms, drafts, and add a new eForm.

New Features

Since our webinar, we’ve launched several enhancements to improve the usability of this feature. When setting up a form, you can now choose who in your community should have access to fill out the form, as well as an option to create a URL to host public forms.

Share Your Feedback

We rely on customer feedback to make improvements to new features like this one. Once you’ve had a chance to use the eForms tool, we invite you to share any feedback you may have through our digital Productboard. You can even provide recommendations on enhancements you’d like to see made to this tool.

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