Some 300 or so miles southwest of Denver is Telluride, an iconic Victorian mining town that has earned accolades for its genuine mountain charm, breathtaking vistas, culture, and world-class skiing. Rightly so. And within this picturesque region sits a community with 300 high-end homes divided into smaller ‘villages.' 

This case study quickly examines the challenges that this Telluride community faced and how the FRONTSTEPS team developed a customized and effective solution. Particularly notable is the end-to-end collaboration between Telluride's HOA leadership and our sales and implementation team.

THE CHALLENGE: The Homeowners Association had a website but it offered little functionality, and they needed more. HOA leaders and FRONTSTEPS team members met to do a deep dive into the needs of the HOA and its residents. The result is a tailor-made product that enhanced their communication and increased website adoption rates.
  • HOA board members wanted a provider that was cost-effective and offered robust support
  • Leaders needed an efficient and speedy tool
  • Managers wanted a website that included communication modules that connected with the residents and guests within the main
THE OUTCOME: A modern and mobile friendly website that allows residents to view rules/regulations, vote online, review documents, and more. Plus, HOA leaders lauded FRONTSTEPS for the following:
  • Personalized recommendations from FRONTSTEPS sales team members that fit the client’s need
  • Hands-on training and tech support
  • Set-up and design process tailored to client
  • Useful online voting
  • Personalized recommendations from FRONTSTEPS sales team members that fit the client’s needs
  • Seamless hand off to the FRONTSTEPS implementation team, Amy and Kaitlyn
“Amy and Kaitlyn were fantastic and tailored the set-up and design process around my learning style (and lack of IT technical expertise).”
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