Back in November 2017, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1237 into law.  This law required HOAs with 150 or more units to roll out a website by July 1, 2018. Additionally, 21
reforms affected how condo associations deal with violations such as electoral fraud, theft of funds, and conflicts of interests.

But Governor Rick Scott recently amended the bill and extended the deadline to January 1, 2019. You’re off the hook then, right?  Not so fast.

“HOAs, COAs, and PMCs need to start getting their sites together now in order to ensure they have the appropriate
information built out in a fashion that adheres to the new statute requirements put forth by the Florida Legislature,” advises Shaun Rogers, FRONTSTEPS Account Executive.
“This includes building out the secure site, uploading all documents, as well as getting their residents signed up in time. This is not an overnight project and the FRONTSTEPS team wants to make sure our clients are setup ahead of time to beat the impending rush, and
truly enjoy the experience of having an online resident engagement platform.”

Here are some of the changes and how FRONTSTEPS software addresses them:

  • Condo associations with 150 or more units now must publish financial reports on a password protected website. FRONTSTEPS software is secured by SSL. Double check to make sure your community is running under SSL, if it's not, we have the ability to help you create a secure website experience for your community so you can be compliant with the new law.
  • If owners request documents and are denied in order to hide fraud, those responsible could face felony charges. FRONTSTEPS has a document repository where you can store documents so your residents and community members can access them anytime.
  • HOA board directors can only serve eight years. They can remain in office if they win a super-majority of the votes from owners. FRONTSTEPS Voting Booth function makes it easy to track election results, and maintain complete election transparency.

Read the entire bill here.

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