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January 26, 2018
Molly Blake


Jessica Soule started at Compendia (that's one of the companies FRONTSTEPS acquired) back in 2011 and has been a valuable part of the homebuilder team. She started out in the Manufactured Products team and quickly moved on to learning content for which she is now the in-house expert. She constantly reviews our content to make sure it reflects state laws. Sounds pretty intense! Read on for more about Jessica and how she contributes to the FRONTSTEPS team.

What’s one or two fun, unique facts that you can share about yourself! 

Growing up I was a competitive figure skater for a few years and did dance (ballet/jazz) simultaneously. I’m no longer doing competitive figure skating, but still have my skates and enjoy visiting the rink from time to time (it’s like riding a bike!). I continued my pursuit of dance and was on my high school dance team, continuing to dance into my college years.

How long have you been working at FRONTSTEPS and tell us what a typical day for you is like!

I have been working with FRONSTEPS officially for two years, but started with Compendia back in 2011, so I’ve been doing this job for almost seven years. My job in a nutshell includes writing and putting together our maintenance manuals for our Resident and Homeowners Associations, overseeing and troubleshooting all software used to create the maintenance manuals, reviewing coworkers’ maintenance manuals (QCing), site visits/photographing amenities for Associations, image editing, and tracking and reporting our monthly maintenance drafts and finals totals. I also continually review the laws for each state as they are constantly changing.

Why do you love working at FRONTSTEPS? How did you come to work for us?

One of the main things I love about working at FRONTSTEPS is getting to work with amazing people! I have had the privilege of working with several folks that are still with us today for the last 7 years. Others have only been on the team a short time, but there is a real sense of family here and amazing team work. My work is both challenging and rewarding; I’m able to be innovative, pursue knowledge, and develop new skills (i.e. Photoshop).

Tell us what you enjoy doing on weekends and what book or if you have a Netflix series you are currently bingeing on?

My go-to Netflix series, Stranger Things is currently on hiatus so when I’m not bingeing on that I love to spend my weekends outside in my yard gardening, hiking/biking, restoring antiques/home improvement projects, and being with family. I also like to spend my weekends painting with my husband. Currently all artwork hanging in our home was created by us!

Tell us a little about your family about life in Cali!

I celebrated 5 years of marriage with my best friend and husband, Steven this last August! We have two spunky cats, Sandy and Pepper that have the run of the house and love to be the center of everything. The biggest perk of living in Cali is, of course, the beach! My husband and I spend a lot of time at the beach in the evenings after work and on weekends. It never gets old watching a sunset at the beach while enjoying some good ol’ Mexican food (California Burritos are the best!). :)

Reading about Jessica, it's easy to see why her manager, Marina Vilaysane, said "Jess is definitely our resident Pinterest connoisseur and is always happy to chat on home décor, baking, fashion, and anything artistic."

"Jess is our HB content guru and works directly with our customers-the builders & PM’s on their community homes or HOA’s that we publish online & in-print.  She loves the creative side of her job as it allows her to write, research, and do photography for the HB content," added Vilaysane 


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