Our resident southerner joined the marketing team at the end of August. He was immediately thrown into multiple projects including sales collateral, graphics for emails and social media and most recently, our brand new website. Sam Oh, FRONTSTEPS Director of Marketing, said, "Seth has a really good design eye and I appreciate his willingness to push." "So many people rest on their laurels when it comes to design but not Seth." "His public speaking skills are also pretty stellar," added Oh.

Here's what Seth has to say!

What’s your favorite southern dish? 

Boudin, fried catfish, and okra. And for those of you who don’t know what Boudin is, it’s rice jammed into a sausage casing.

What SEC teams do you follow? Why?

I follow Ole Miss with gusto.Oxford, MS is a shining beacon of arts and culture in the south and my almamater. The small recording studio, Fat Possum, has produced albums for TheBlack Keys, Modest Mouse, Elvis Costello and a handful of delta bluesmusicians. From a literary standpoint, William Faulkner was born and raisedthere and wrote all of his novels a few blocks from the university. (Auburnsucks)

Tell me about what you like most about working at FRONTSTEPS? 

I’vebeen working at FRONTSTEPS since the fall. Having worked as beer delivery guyand a freelance graphic designer, and now as the FS Art Director extraordinaire,I can say that having an opportunity to build out an entirely new brand presenceis awesome.  I really value the greatpeople, high energy atmosphere and a collaborative team that always challengesthe status quo. 

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Thebiggest challenge has been building a brand that truly communicates ourinternal values, vision and character to an external audience. Things aremoving in a great direction!

This is your first winter here in Denver. Have you adjusted to the weather and winter driving conditions?

Iadmit, I'm from a very flat, hot place so the winter has been a challenge. Ialso admit to lot of rookie mistakes including not leaving my windshield wiperssticking up, leaving a window open in my car and finding a chipmunk living inthere, and I had to race out and buy an emergency puffy jacket in October. I didn't think it snowed in October. I'm getting used to it.It's nice to live in a state with four seasons😎. 

What’s one Colorado bucket list item that you’d like to cross off this year?

Hike afourteener and visit Mesa Verde National Park to see the cliff dwellings.

Tell me one unique thing about you that a lot of people don’t know.

I placed 1st in a state-wide karate championship for shadowboxingwhen I was 13. Eye of the tiger.

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