Twins make up just 3% of the US population. FRONTSTEPS has 8 sets of twins which is DOUBLE the national average. We had 9 sets but one person just moved to Texas! (Tim, we miss you!) So we asked a few of our twinning twins to tell us a few fun facts about their rarity.

Goofiest/weirdest thing someone has said to you about being a twin:

“My identical twin sister, Sheena, and I both sing in the choir at church and stand pretty close, thought we do sing different parts. One day I was meeting Sheena in the mall and she had been talking to a man in the food court who recognized her as one of the ladies from choir. She introduced me and said I sang in the choir too. The man said, “Really? She doesn’t look familiar at all.” Now how can that be if we look exactly the same? 😊 Shari Brown, Implementation Manager. (on right)

“If I step on your toes, will he feel it?”  Davis Alvey, FRONSTEPS software developer. (on left)

“Can you talk to your twin in your head right now and make him do something?” Matt Vegas, Software Developer. (on right)


"Do you know where he is?" People think we have some kind of tele-kinetic connection and I somehow know where he is at all times. Yi Hsio, Director of Product. ("I'm the fatty")

What’s the best part about being a twin?  

“I know my sister share a unique bond that only we share.  Even though we live different lives in different states, I know I can call her any hour of the day and we will always pick up where we left off like no distance or time exists between us.” Juli Royster, People Operations Business Partner. (on right)

“Never having to explain myself.  She always gets me.” Carrier Forrester, Customer Support Representative. (on left)

"Well, my twin is 6'1", 170 lbs. .... and I'm 5'9" ... but I have a GREAT personality." Eric Waldinger, Chief Marketing Officer. (on left)

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