The new FRONTSTEPS Platform launched this week! Cue the happy dance! What does this mean? It means a ton of new functionality, features, and opportunities for community
leaders to power safe, informed, and efficient communities. Here are a two highlights.

Feature #1: Work Orders

Leaky roofs, landscaping issues, electrical malfunctions. The list of problems that arise every day in modern communities is endless and
complex. Establishing a process to manage these situations is easy with FRONTSTEPS. Simply click NEW and select WORK ORDER. Enter in the relevant information, add attachments, and any other necessary details and hit SUBMIT. You can assign it to a specific team member and monitor its progress too and download a report for your records.

Feature #2: Amenity Bookings

Communities today offer residents all kinds of unique amenities like yoga studios, conference rooms, rooms with white boards for walls, teen rooms, rooftop decks, and even climbing walls. Oh, and of course pools and tennis courts. Managers need to maintain these facilities and administer their usage. Enter FRONTSTEPS. The slick and simple feature allows you to view, approve, and reject requests from residents. Plus view an entire month’s worth of reservations, details about the event, and the requesting resident before approving or rejecting. The filtering function also lets you view by resident, facility and status.

Did we mention that both of these features are available
through our mobile app? Yep. We know you aren’t chained to your desk so we made it easy to do just about everything with your smart phone. Interested in seeing these in action? Reach out to our sales folks and they can schedule a demo.

Searching for new software to manage your community? Download your copy of our free checklist, 10 Things Your Community Management Software Must Have to help guide your search.

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