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May 9, 2018
Molly Blake

FRONTSTEPS Launches New, Single-Interface Security Platform

You can put a price on just about everything. Your car, home, how much you earn, and (hopefully) save. You can put a price on securing the properties you manage, too. But, often it’s complicated and requires expensive software and hardware upgrades. Not anymore. 

FRONTSTEPS is launching a new product called simply, Secure. It’s an innovative approach to how PMCs and HOAs secure communities. And it’s the first ever hardware agnostic, single interface solution on the market today. Born from the current reality that many admins face, Secure integrates with existing hardware so gone are the days of multiple logins, multiple systems, and expensive peripheral updates.  

“It’s yet another uncompromising and important product for our customers,” said Judy Jensen, FRONTSTEPS product director, “that allows PMCs and HOAs to run communities efficiently and securely, plus it gives an edge in a very competitive marketplace."

Here are some additional features that Secure offers:

  • Our software integrates with existing hardware systems, eliminating the need to rip and replace expensive systems.

  • Forensic data that delivers deep visibility into a community’s data.

  • Options ideal for large and small communities whose needs vary. 

  • Mobile-first technology.

  • A single, cloud-based platform to manage all your security and community management needs.

  • Communities and security personnel are easily onboarded, reducing the time you spend training.

And Secure delivers a better resident experience because it's part of the FRONTSTEPS family. That means, residents can use our app to handle everything from online dues/fees payments to guest registration.

Going forward, Secure will incorporate credentialed access, visitor management, license plate recognition, telephone entry, and keyless and wireless lock technology. FRONTSTEPS will be partnering with tech vendors in the space and expanding our integration partners.

Interested in learning more about the current security landscape? Download our free whitepaper, Reinventing Security Technology in the Property Management Space.

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