The past month has been a very exciting time for our company. We officially launched our first beta customer on FRONTSTEPS Secure. We completed the first phase of our integration with DoorKing’s telephone entry system (TES), marking our second TES integration and our third hardware integration (we also fully integrate with Kantech and HID). Two of our team members became Kantech certified. And now, we’re launching a new certified security dealer program for FRONTSTEPS!

This program allows dealers to continue selling their favorite hardware providers on a far superior software platform. This program is the easiest way for dealers to increase their bottom line in the new year. Here’s how it works:

  • Dealers will make 20% monthly recurring revenue for five years when they refer a hardware customer to FRONTSTEPS.
  • Dealers will make 10% monthly recurring revenue for five years when FRONTSTEPS refers a software customer to them for their hardware needs.

That’s right, you will receive referrals from FRONTSTEPS simply by becoming a certified dealer and you will have the opportunity to make recurring monthly revenue on top of that! How easy is that? Best yet, we specialize in software, not hardware. That means we’ll always remain a valuable partner and will never compete for your hardware business.

Interested in learning more about our exciting new security dealer program? Visit our website to request more information today!