Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Better yet, who doesn’t love clearing out their garage? It’s time for a garage sale in your community. Rather than having homeowners plan these sales individually, why not host a community wide sale! These sales can increase community participation, and gain more traffic and sales for your homeowners.

While some associations might have more strict rules on these types of sales, it’s a great activity that can be sponsored by your management company or HOA themselves. By hosting the event community wide, your whole association will be alert of new people coming into the community. Homeowners and staff will be more conscious and able to report suspicious activity. If a community wide sale is planned this also reduces the likelihood of homeowners hosting their own sale at a later time.

Here are a few tips when establishing the sale!


-      Set a date far in advance! You’re more likely to gain the participation of many if homeowners have an abundance of time to get their belongings together and prepare for this event.


-      Include reminders around your community by posting signs, bulletins within your portal, as well as on your monthly newsletter.

-      Create a social media advertisement that your homeowners can share with online with friends and family to get the word out.

Hopefully these tips can help you get started with your community wide garage sale. Don’t forget to take pictures of your homeowners interacting, this can be a great opportunity to get content for future announcements and newsletters. After the sale take time to thank participants and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.