You've been dying to paint your house yellow ... and you run into a board member in the park. You tell her about your plan. She gives you a verbal okay on the color that you described as a soft, sunny buttercream. You race home and hire those college painters. It's gorgeous! And then you get the dreaded note that details the fines and the HOA rules you've broken … all because you didn’t go through official channels to get that fabulous yellow approved. 

You’re not alone. HOAs have been, historically, informal about some rules and more formal about others. It can lead to complications. Case in point. So, you step it into high gear and front load your website with all the rules and regulations, the bylaws, the paint colors that are okay, and more. And still, you’re not getting anywhere. 

Enter resident engagement! What is this? And what’s the point? Check out this video for the answers and more about what FRONTSTEPS can do for you.


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