Did you know Earth Day first started in 1970 as a protest? This protest was initially started to tackle environmentally unfriendly practices. Since that day in 1970, our world comes together once a year to celebrate the earth and remind individuals of environmentally friendly practices. More than 1 billion individuals take action every Earth Day, and 190+ countries engage in this celebration! This Earth Day share some ideas in your community to help better our beautiful world.

Even though we will be practicing social distancing this Earth Day, share these ideas in your community! Individuals and families can do their part today to help bring a better tomorrow.

1.    Host a Clean Up!

There is power in numbers, gather your friends and family for a clean up! You can clean up a highway, river, or park. Make sure you remember proper recycling practices during the clean up so unnecessary items don’t end up in a landfill.

2.    Plant a Tree!

Planting a tree does wonders for our environment, trees filter our air, and help fight the effects of climate change. Check our companies like the Canopy Project! Every dollar donated equates to one three planted, and this year they have a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees. Did you know planting trees also helps local economies? Every dollar spent planting one tree generates $2.50 in local downstream benefits!

3.    Education!

Providing education is a huge factor in cleaning up our world. Sharing this education and good practices are essential. Try to explore and find out new ways to reach homeowners in your community.  HOAs can host educational talk sessions, and invite professionals to talk about how we can better our environment.  

Our earth brings people together, it's time appreciate and think about our implications while living here. Get out and enjoy the beauty of our world today! For a list of 46 tips to make a difference this Earth Day check out this link!