Normally, management views newsletters as a pain. You think you MUST send a newsletter out every month and your content could be better. With the boring content your residents are disengaged, and your community isn’t improving with this type of communication. A newsletter is an important step in bettering your community. Here are some tips on enhancing your community newsletter and developing participation within your community.

What really is a community newsletter? A community newsletter is a communication tool that combines information relevant to your community such as announcements, meetings, trends, and changes!  

When thinking about bringing new light to your newsletter the main focus should be on the content you’re providing.  

Content Ideas:

- Events and community reminders

- Surveys

- General Community Information

- Recent Board Meeting Updates

- Relevant Local News

- Recycling and Energy Saving Tips

- Rules and Regulation Reminders (These can be seasonal! Remind residents of procedures if your community gets a lot of snow, or your pool is getting ready to open.)

- Call to Action! (What do you need your community members to do? You can gain their participation within this piece of content.)

Some advantages of sending a monthly newsletter include spreading community awareness and sharing important information. This type of communication, if presented properly can boost morale and enhance the education residents.

More Tips:
- Keep the design and the words within your newsletter simple. Your design should flow, and not overwhelm your reader. The copy of the letter should be easily understood, and practical. Don’t create a newsletter for length or try to fill in blank space. Include necessary, relevant information that is important to your reader.

Here’s a challenge, this month take time to layout and brainstorm important content for your community newsletter. After your newsletter send, take a look back and analyze the engagement within your community? Did it improve?