On a recent visit to the most hipstery coffee shop possible (think Modest Mouse playing on the speaker, long beards, and snobby coffee baristas), it was obvious that most of the folks in there were using the space to work. 

HOAS and PMCS who want to engage your millennial residents?  Create a co-working space they’ll love and use! 

Here are 6 Ways to Make an Awesome Co-Working Space!

Power: This is obvious but provide great, reliable wi-fi. (Clever passwords are always encouraged). And offer lots of stations for folks to charge phones and computers.

Comfort: Provide a multitude of work spaces including high top tables, standard desks, couches and chairs, and work benches. Don’t ignore serious comfort options like giant, overstuffed bean bags. Arrange the space like a giant living room so it’s welcoming and friendly with lots of small clusters of places to sit and work. If there’s room, provide small nooks or private areas, for anyone who needs to hop on conference calls or video meetings. 

Light it up! A bright, well-lit work space is important. If you can, maximize natural light as it’s easier on the eyes. Besides overhead lights, desk lamps are great for filling in the dark space. And they’re flexible and adjustable. Temper everything with ambient lights – many come with color filters, too, that will soften the space. 

Extras: Consider providing a printer and paper, a mini fridge for drinks, and even special networking events. Freelancers are always looking for fresh gigs so host an evening for folks to exchange business cards and network.

Succulents! Host a succulent planting event. Provide pots, dirt, and the plants. And encourage residents to plant some to leave in your new co-working space! They immediately brighten up any drab area and millennials love the low-maintenance plant. 

Market it! Of course, once you spend all this time building the most millennial and freelancer friendly space, you'll need to market it. Send out newsletters and post bulletins with information on hours and if there are any general usage rules. Make sure to show off the cool space on tours. Spend some time in the co-working space, too. That way you'll find out if there are any other special personal touches you can add to make it even more appealing!

There are lots of ways to build a more connected community and still work efficiently. Download our whitepaper today for more ideas.

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