Creating a compelling and interesting presentation is more difficult than one would think. Often times we are asked to share presentations with important clients, promotional events, or board meetings.  When these appearances arrive, you want to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips you should try as you prepare for your next presentation.


Make it Short & Sweet

-      Keep things short and to the point, you’ll start to lose audience members if the subject is dragging on or a story doesn’t make sense quickly enough.


Create an Interactive Presentation

-      Don’t use a typical power point presentation. Get creative, these days there are so many free ways to create interesting and compelling presentations. Even if you’re not the most creative or have experience with design you can customize presentations to align with your company relatively easily but using sites like Prezi or Canva. You can also check out this article with includes the Top 10 Websites to Make Interactive Presentations.


Humor Doesn’t Hurt

-      You want to draw in and maintain the attention of your audience members. By telling a joke, breaking the ice with current topic, or tugging at the heart strings of your audience you can keep their minds for a longer period of time.  

-      Regardless of the subject, a good speaker will use charisma, humor to convey their points and get the crowd excited. A great example of the use of humor is Barrack Obama talking about the government building Iron Man. Check it out below.



-       You’ll often hear about “the success of the delivery”. Well, much of this delivery can be rehearsed well before hand. Practice at home, several days in advance, ask family members to be your audience and be open to constructive criticism. These trials can only help you before stepping in front of a board or community members.

It's time to put your presentation skills to the test. For more information on how to improve your presentation skills and keep your audience members engaged take a look at these 20 Tips to Improve Your Skills!