Memorial Day weekend is the official start to summer, which means it’s time to open up the neighborhood pool yet again. Pools are one of the best summer pastimes and the perfect way to entertain kids during long summer days. Before you open up your pool to the masses, be sure to share the following reminders with your residents to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable pool season.

Unaccompanied minors

It’s recommended that you have rules in place prohibiting unaccompanied minors from entering the pool. Many cities, like San Diego, have rules in place for public pools requiring adults to accompany children under the age of seven or less than four feet tall. Consider consulting with your legal team to determine the best age limit for children to attend the pool by themselves.

Big no-no’s

Make sure residents and their children understand what is unacceptable pool behavior, even it if seems super obvious. Common rules like no running, spitting, nose-blowing, diving, flips, and rough housing should be frequently reinforced to avoid issues and injuries.

Adult and kid swim

Do you have designed times for adult swim or kid-only hours? Be sure to let everyone know about this at the beginning of pool season, as nothing’s worse than showing up to the pool with anxious kids during the middle of adult swim.

Snacks and food

What are the rules regarding food and drink in your pool area? It’s recommended that you prohibit food consumption within the pool and ban gum chewing. If you have designated areas for eating, be sure to mark those properly with signage. Remind people if certain food or contain types (such as glass) are prohibited.


Do you have rules around residents bringing guests to the pool? Make sure to send those out to everyone. If there’s a specific process residents need to follow in order to bring a guest, outline that in your community newsletter. If guests need to sign something like a liability waiver, be sure to host that online so they can fill it out before arriving.


Hopping the pool fence for late night swim can be tempting for neighborhood teens. It’s important to reminder residents why this activity is illegal, as well as the potential risks for doing so. If your community presses charges against trespassers, be sure to let residents know what the potential punishment is for breaking this law.


The pool is not a gigantic bathtub, and people need to be reminded of this. Encourage people to shower before entering the pool and to wear clean swimsuits. Remind residents to avoid entering if they have open cuts, sores, colds, coughs, or infections. For parents with small children, let them know they must wear waterproof diapers in order to enter the pool.

Post the rules

People need to be reminded of even the most basic rules on a regular basis. Be sure to post your pool rules on the entrance and throughout the pool grounds, ensuring they’re visible and obvious to all attendees. Also post a digital copy of the rules in your online resource library. To help keep everyone safe and aware, require residents to sign a copy of the pool rules before receiving access to the pool for the season.

Interested in learning more about how to keep your community and its resident safe? Download our free seven-step checklist.

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