Digital payments benefit property management companies and their residents. For residents, it provides a level of convenience, allowing them to pay dues and fees within a few clicks or taps of a finger. For property management companies, digital payments save time and money by avoiding the expensive and time-consuming task of processing and reconciling checks.

Merely introducing a new community management platform with digital payments to your residents will not be enough to get them to start making payments here. With any new process, you need to create a strategy to teach people about the new solution, why it will benefit them, and how to use it in order to see spikes in adoption. At FRONTSTEPS, we’re here to help you successfully launch digital payments in your communities with our Payment Engagement Program.

Program overview

Our Payment Engagement team is headed up by Taylor Block and Samantha Popham with the goal of teaching customers about the benefits of digital payments and FRONTSTEPS as a whole. The organization works with customers to develop a strategy to increase resident adoption of the platform, so they can begin making dues and fees payments through the tool.

Block sees digital payments an as obvious choice for property management companies. “FRONTSTEPS offers a beautiful, seamless payment integration that only takes three to four clicks from dues being owed to making a payment. Best yet, this method of payment is much cheaper than what banks offer, making it a win-win for residents and property management companies,” says Block.

The process

Any FRONTSTEPS customer with enabled payments is eligible for this program. This program consists of the following three phases:

  1. Preparation: during this phase, the team gets a clear picture of how comfortable the customer is with FRONTSTEPS, and where they could benefit from additional training. It's critical to properly train customers, so they’re prepared to answer questions once more residents begin using the platform.
  2. Implementation: this phase is aimed at getting residents on the platform. The team helps draft and send out invites to residents teaching them about FRONTSTEPS and why they should start using it.
  3. Review: at the end of the program, the team reviews the success of our efforts by analyzing how many people are using the platform and if additional outreach efforts are necessary.

What customers are saying

Several customers have completed this program. Dominique Roberts of Condominium Administration Company recently completed the program and provided a glowing review:

We just finished the Payment Engagement Program offered by FRONTSTEPS. I would recommend this program to any Property Management Company who is interested in getting the most out of the software and simplifying the process of receiving dues and fees payments. The Payments Team was knowledgeable and made the whole program streamlined and straightforward. They were not overbearing and balanced the training and marketing aspects well. The emails were well received from residents, and we could immediately track new signups. They also provided refresher training, which was helpful even though I was familiar with the software. I learned how to utilize new features that will not only improve how we manage payments but all aspects of the resident experience. We have already seen an uptick in our online payments. I am confident that moving forward I can inform, manage, and increase online payments for all of our communities and portals.

Why should you sign up?

FRONTSTEPS is a valuable platform that provides excellent benefits to both property management companies and residents when it's properly utilized. We often see companies invest in this tool, but not take the time to inform residents about it and actively work to increase adoption.

If you feel like your residents are not taking advantage of the conveniences FRONTSTEPS provides, or if you feel like your residents don’t know what FRONTSTEPS is, this is the perfect program for you. We can help you increase adoption, provide more value to your residents, and decrease the time your team spends on manual tasks like booking amenities and processing payments. If you’re interested in signing up for this program, send an email to community@frontsteps.com. We’re looking forward to working with you!

To learn more about how digital payments will benefit your business, download your copy of our free whitepaper, What Every Property Management Company Needs to Know About Free Checking.

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