Local SEO is a great tool for property management companies, as it can help boost your visibility in the search results and improve your reputation if you have an active review strategy in place. This marketing tactic can benefit your customers, as the communities you manage are also likely in need of help improving their ranking and reputation. So why don’t you offer simple SEO services that can yield great returns? Learn more about how you can offer valuable SEO services without hiring additional employees.

Offer a website

A website is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every business, organization, and community needs a website. When people are searching for new places to live, they’re hitting the web to do their research. That means if they can’t find your community online, they may never know it exists outside of driving by or hearing about it from a friend or colleague. It can be difficult for HOAs to build a website on their own, and an expensive venture to hire a freelancer or small agency to build one for them.

As the property management company, you can bring great value to your customers by offering them a website as part of your service offering. Find a company like FRONTSTEPS that can build a modern, responsive website, as well as offer additional tools they need like community management, condo high-rise, and security.

Provide local SEO services

Last week we discussed the benefits of using a local citation platform to help make local listing setup and optimization a breeze. With these programs, you simply plugin information about your business into one location, and the tool distributes it to hundreds of local directories throughout the web, completely simplifying a normally time-consuming project.

Many of these local citation platforms offer enterprise packages, helping agencies, or in your case, property management companies, offer this service to their customers in a cost-efficient manner. Consider offering local SEO services to your customers by setting up and managing their local listings, and providing quarterly updates on performance and new reviews, all of which can conveniently be pulled from the tool. This is a simple way to increase revenue for your business, offer a valuable service to your customers, and even help sell homes, which leads to our final point.

Have an impact on their sales

Many HOAs and property management companies play a role in selling homes within the community. Increasing your community’s visibility online through local listings and a high-quality website can ultimately have an impact on home sales. Plus, if you’re providing recommendations on how your customers can use local tools such as Google My Business Posts to promote specific happenings within the community, such as homes for sale, you can provide even more value, further proving the benefits of your SEO services.

Offering SEO services is a great way to make your customers happy. Another way to improve their happiness is by providing a better community experience for their residents. Learn more in our free six-step guide!

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