When it comes to the atmosphere of your community certain things can enhance the landscape and aesthetic of homes. Not only is curb appeal important for homeowners, but it plays a part for the entire association. All HOAs want homeowners to keep their homes looking beautiful, but here’s the thing... it doesn’t have to break the bank! These tasks can be completed for $100-$500, and are basic ideas that you can share with homeowners in your association.

1.    Fresh Coat of Paint!

·     Give your front door a fresh coat of paint! Your front door can say so much about your home, give your dull door a new color that is warm and inviting.  

·     While you’re in a mood of painting go ahead and give your mailbox, window ledges, shutters, and garage doors a fresh coat!

2.    Metallic Paint

·     If new hardware really isn’t in the budget, consider paint! A small tub of metallic paint can help your doorknobs, and light fixtures look as good as new.

3.    Annuals

·     It’s no joke that landscaping can be really pricey. Do yourself a favor and purchase a few dozen blooming annuals. With this you can transform the entrance of your home and add much needed color.

4.    Upgrade your porch

·     Consider buying a wreath or a new door mat.These items can make your home look even more inviting.

·      You can also transform your porch with a seating area. Whether your porch is covered or open this space can be a huge asset to your home. It can become a great place to read and relax or even become a dining area on warm spring and summer nights.

5.    House Numbers

·      One of the cheapest ideas is getting new house numbers. This can make a huge improvement, it’s also the first thing people who are hunting for your address.

Be sure to share this list with your homeowners as nice weather hits! Another way to draw some major inspiration and inexpensive tips can be from downloading the Pinterest application. You’ll never run out of ideas after exploring there. These small jobs can make a huge impact on curb appeal. Your community will be even more welcoming in no time!