Did you know that when homeowners feel safe, they have an increased sense of well-being, a sustained quality of life, ongoing participation in work, leisure and educational activities, and preservation of income and assets?

Maybe that is one of the reasons why safety is so important to us! Community safety is always a concern of management companies and with COIVD-19 requiring homeowners to stay at home, crime trends have shifted. Many cities are no longer seeing the same amount of home break-ins, compared to prior data. According to the Denver Chief of Police, Paul Pazen officers in the Denver area have been getting briefed daily about crime trends. While home burglaries are down, the city did see a shift to commercial burglaries. The police chief said that with increased patrols that number has been reduced.  

We are maintaining the safety of our homes during this time by staying at home. What happens when we go back to work, the kids go back to school, and we are back in our normal routines? Sadly, criminals are going to come back, and with police having to return to traffic accidents, and regular calls, the safety of our homes become a major risk.

80% of homeowners report that security is critical to their happiness and community enjoyment.

-      By having a community security system in place you’re reducing the risk of unlocked doors, unsecured gates, and poorly lit entrances to your community. In turn, you’re helping your community maintain an overall sense of security on a regular basis.

-      Staying vigilant during the coming months will be important for all homeowners and reporting any suspicious activity will be critical in maintaining the safety of the community. You should report this activity to the authorities, management, as well as on community safety discussion boards. 

-      Homeowners should also remember these basic safety tips;

o  Lock all doors, windows, gates, and garages no matter how briefly you’ll be out of the house.

o  Leave a television or radio on to create a sense of activity if you’re going to be out of the house for a short time.

o  Leave the front porch light on at night.

o  Install timers to turn your lights or electronic devices on and off throughout the day

o  Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home if you’re going on a trip. Let neighbors and the community know how to reach you in case of an emergency.

As always, management should communicate these tips with residents, and stress how important it is to inform other homeowners around your community! Hopefully after the stress and difficulty of COVID-19 subsides we can maintain our community’s safety by following these basic guidelines.

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