Making new homeowners feel welcomed into the community is super important! Sometimes the duty of welcoming new members falls on the board, a specific member, or a committee. When thinking about what to include in your “Welcome Packet” there are a few things you must remember, and a couple things you can include to differentiate your community.


Welcome Letter

a.    A welcome letter is a goodwill gesture. This is the first piece of the puzzle, and it should set a positive tone. It should also outline what is include within the entire packet. You can make this fun and specifically branded to your association. Use color to brighten the letter, keep it brief, and, if possible, sign each letter for a personal touch.


Important Documents

b.    Remember to keep this information up to date. Recycling schedules change, pools hours and procedure get updated, make sure you’re providing the correct information to your new residents, so no ill information is provided. This will keep communication streamlined and everyone educated on new community policies. This includes;

Copies of Governing Documents

Contact Information

Amenity Information

Community Information




a.    If your budget allows, a nice house plant or gift bag can be a nice touch. A few house plants that are traditionally given as gifts are Fig or Lemon Trees. If plants don’t match the touch you’d like your association to carry, consider including a gift basket. This basket could house everything from local restaurant recommendations, or anything to make them feel more at home. Some ideas for “homey” gifts include blankets, candles, kitchen tools, or signs that read “Home Sweet Home”!

b.    Click here for the 13 Best Indoor House Plants and How to Care for Them! For some inspiration on how to create standout gift baskets search on Pinterest, or checkout these Gourmet Gift Baskets!

You want to encourage good communication with your new homeowner as soon as possible, that’s why it’s also a good reason to give all the necessary information from the start. Extending a warm welcome is one of the first steps that you can take to ensure new homeowners feel more a part of your community. Consider revamping your welcome procedures, what will you add?  

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