Margaret Pelletier has a lot of nicknames: Margo, RadioShack, Mags, Magalicious, Maggie, Margarita ... regardless of what we call her, she's a superstar sales team member. She's got a serious case of the travel bug and she's got an interesting background as a military brat. Let's sit back and learn a little more about Mags.

Tell me a little about your education and where you've lived.

Growing up my Dad was in the Navy, so we moved around quite a bit in the beginning of childhood. I was born in LaJolla, CA on a Navy base and we later moved to Minnesota then to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire where my family has been for almost 18 years. After 9/11, my mom became an Officer in the Navy. I graduated with my Bachelors in Marketing with a minor in Professional Sales in December of 2016 from Plymouth State University. It was an amazing experience to have the ability to go to college and get multiple views on education through my University exchanges and internships.

As a military kid, you've led a life that only 1% of the US population understands. How do you feel that being a military kid contributed to who you are today.

With both my parents the service, it certainly makes you grow up fast and have a sense of independence. I can say with 100% certainty that being able to travel with them was something that made me more cultured and not have to situations. Many people refer to us as Brats but I promise you, I'm only brat if someone doesn't give me coffee in the AM. My parents have both instilled national pride, determination and respect into my life. It's those things that has contributed to making me who I am today.

You are a rockstar sales gal. Why did you pick this career? And what special qualities do you think you bring to the FRONTSTEPS family?

I started off going to school to be a Music Teacher because I played the Alto Saxophone since I was 9. But after taking a business class and sales class in college (where I kind of kicked some major butt), I realized Sales was for me. Sales is ever changing, it's a grind, and you constantly should be on your toes. Not to mention, it's so much fun. Whether I'm challenging Elliott to a Face off in call volume or hearing Janessa say Tic Toc, Margaret, where are you? It reminds me that FRONTSTEPS sales brings a level of fun and competition that I love.

You are an avid traveler. Has there been a recent trip that you enjoyed? Why? Where are you going next? What place is on your bucket list?

  • I personally have traveled to a bunch of states within the US. I have a goal to hit all 50 by the time I'm 30. Right now, I'm at 28. My most recent trip was to Aspen, and it was incredible! Between Maroon Bells and the Continental Divide, I felt like I was in a dream.
  • IRELAND, I head out in March to go sleep in Hostels and meet lots of leprechauns with 5 of my closet gal pals.
  • Poland, my Mom's first generation here. There's a lot of heritage that I want to take in and really experience the culture.

Why do you love working at FRONTSTEPS?

I love the atmosphere and complete transparency everyone has with each other here. The environment here is like none-other. I truly believe that other companies should take on this philosophy. In the most clich̩ way, it's a huge family here and I've never felt more valued as an employee.

Her supervisor, Janessa Jacobsen, couldn't agree more. "Sales is challenging but Margaret is like a sister to all of us," said Jacobsen. "She brings infectious enthusiasm and tremendous drive that contributes to the entire team's success." What did our buddy Shakespeare say? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." I say a Margaret by any other name is .. well, awesome!


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